Frequently Asked Questions

Before you head to our contact page with questions, please check out our FAQ below.

1.What type of equipment will I need for the challenge?

Elevate Nation classes are designed for all levels. If you are just starting out and have never worked out, no equipment is needed. As you get stronger, you can level up with resistance bands, hand weights, and ankle weights.

For the challenge: Two challenging dumbbells and a booty band, and a resistance band.

We recommend a mat or soft surface for abs and floor work.

2.When does the 21 Day Reset & Reconnect challenge start?

As a group we will be starting February 7th, however you can start whenever just follow the provided calendar and plan accordingly. 

What is included in the monthly subscription?

You get access to:

- Follow along workouts with Coach Bhanisha 5 times a week

- Healthy and delicious snack recipes to enhance your training

- Access to our super supportive community that will cheer you along

- Lifetime access to watch on-demand – across mobile, tablet & desktop

3.Will there be any live classes?

We live stream a workout every Saturday for members and non-members via zoom. The information is posted in our Private Facebook Group and e-mail if you’ve subscribed to the our e-mails. Exact times are listed there and adjust based on your time zone.

4.How often do you add new classes to the on-demand library?

New on-demand classes are added ever week! We’ve always got you covered.

New Challenge workouts however will be posted every month!

5.I don’t have ______, how should I modify?

Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. However, while you work to bolster your available equipment, ask yourself, “how long should the ________ take?” Once you know that information, you can determine if the goal stimulus is breathing, or muscle fatigue, or something else. With that information, you can work to mimic the stimulus. The primary keys here are: be flexible – it’s ok to do something slightly different. Create variance – change it up each time it comes up, and finally, go hard. The intensity is what creates the adaptation. 

6.What should my workout sessions look like?

Workouts are between 30-50 mins long.

Consistency is critical, so your workout session should look similar every time. First, look at the monthly calendar and plan out your workouts, add them into your calendar. You can use our warm ups or your own, and if you have specific needs please include them in your warm up. Then attack the workout with intensity and then wrap up the session by cooling down provided at the end of each workout. Consider extending your cool down to the 10-15 minute range by going to the cool down category and select a cool down video catering to the muscle group you worked out.

7.What is the weekly schedule?

Our standard training schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We program active rest/recovery days on Wednesday and Sundays.